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TL68B27 16mm Carbon Tube Folding Positioning Set - TAROT


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Description du produit

Product description:

The new 16MM carbon tube fixed set of imported fiber reinforced nylon material, suitable for carbon tube diameter 16MM DIY assembly and TAROT680/690/650 folding multi axle vehicle frame assembly. On using M2.5 ladder[TL2778-01] the fastening screws, the diameter of M3.2 contact surface can make the PCB board and the arm fixedly connected. Carbon tube folding seatwidened 3 point support, to prevent cracking breaking effect, contact surface increases and the carbon plate, design of new anti slip can be tightly lock up carbon tube better.

Product specifications:

16MM carbon tube fixing sleeve (21.5 × Φ 16 × 31.5MM) × 1 (weight: 7.3 grams)

16MM carbon tube folding positioning seat (31 × 21.7 × 11MM) × 2 (weight: 5.5 grams)

M2.5 * 6.5 * 10 six angle step screw

M2.5 * 22MM cup head screws six angle x 1